Avant Garde – Forward Thinking – Culturally & Socially Aware

We are a small Alternative Lifestyle Members Club in Mossley, Greater Manchester. We are a non-profit venue run by dedicated volunteers.


The Manchester Alternative Rooms is a non profit community project, based in Mossley, for people in alternative lifestyles. Our aims are:

To treat each member in a fair and equal manner without prejudice of race, colour, religion, disability, gender or sexuality.

To encourage members to help and support each other in a positive and constructive manner.

To provide regular events, small conferences, workshops and social gatherings.

To provide an affordable space for members to hire.

To bring a fresh and inclusive outlook to the scene.

To raise money for worthy causes by hosting fundraising events.

We are neutral ground on which alternative lifestyle community can express itself.

Tel: 07922 942771

E-Mail: venue@mars4.co.uk

Life on M.A.R.S.

Founded on the above principles M.A.R.S has evolved and thrived to be the unique venue that exists today. The venue is a modern, fully equipped, safe and hygenic space based on principles of high design. The style is timeless and draws it’s inspiration from iconic decades from the 1920’s onwards to create a slick stlish environment that is always evolving. We are a hidden gem and few comparisons exist. We make the venue available to those that would like to use it, whether for private hire or attending one of of our organised events.

We make every effort to ensure that if you hire privately the space is yours to enjoy as you wish, and if you attend one of our events you will find a welcoming, diverse and vibrant community awaiting you. So why not become a Martian today?

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