Membership of M.A.R.S

M.A.R.S is a members only club with an annual fee for membership. Why do we do this and what does your membership get you?

We are a non-profit making organisation and membership ensures that we can continue to operate the venue, re-invest in new equipment and develop projects.

Membership brings certain privileges such as first refusal for places at upcoming events, access to free events, expos and conferences as and when they appear in the calendar, and the ability to hire the space for your own private use or to host events.

Your membership guarantees you access to the innovative and exciting events we have planned.

New members.

For enquiries regarding membership, or any other questions you may have, please contact us:

By Email

By Phone

Tel: 07922 942771

Our Terms of Membership

I am over 18 years old, and am aware that ID verification will be required on arrival for the under 25’s.

I agree to treat other members with manners and courtesy, both in person and online. I will not discriminate against other members based on age, race, gender, religion, disability or sexuality.

I agree that all activities within the venue are private, and I will not reveal, in a public forum or otherwise, the activities of other members without their explicit consent.

I agree to exercise discretion when arriving at/ leaving the venue, and agree to respect the feelings and rights of locals residing around the venue.

I agree to respect the venue and its designated organisers, and report any broken/ damaged equipment or fittings to the organisers. If hiring the venue I realise that it is my responsibility to leave it in the state it was found.

I agree that sex and total nudity are not permitted at M.A.R.S.

I agree that I am solely responsible for my actions as a member of M.A.R.S, and it is my responsibility to use safe practices when at the venue.

I agree to abide by the consensus of the organsiers on what constitutes safe practice, and respect the wishes of the organisers as to the activities permitted on the premises.

I understand that all information submitted to M.A.R.S. will be kept strictly confidential and not passed on to third parties for ANY reason.

I understand that private photography is not permitted in the venue without permission.

I understand that the management reserve the right to revoke membership if any of these terms are broken explicitly or implicitly.

I understand that event organisers have the final say over attendees at the events they organise.

To become a member please contact us on 07922 942771 or email us at